OREANDA-NEWS. As follows from a study by IDF Eurasia, 58% of Russians deceived by telephone scammers voluntarily transferred money to them. Most of them, namely 42%, made transfers in the amount of about 10-15 thousand rubles. Such data are provided by the TASS agency.

At the same time, only 5% of victims of telephone scammers contacted the police. At the end of October, the Central Bank reported that during the pandemic, the number of fraudulent calls increased by 200%. At the same time, in January-June 2020 alone, fraudsters carried out over 360 thousand unauthorized transactions, as a result of which the volume of stolen funds of bank customers amounted to about 4 billion rubles.

According to the survey, 22% of Russians faced telephone fraud, but did not lose money, 16% faced and lost money. Another 26% of the respondents do not have such personal experience, but their acquaintances, friends and relatives have encountered scammers. Men more often than women became victims of fraudsters - 56% and 44% respectively.

Among those who fell victim to fraudsters, 58% transferred funds to them on their own. Thus, 16% of respondents lost amounts of up to 5 thousand rubles, 24% of 5-10 thousand rubles, 42% of 10-15 thousand rubles, and 18% of amounts over 15 thousand rubles.