OREANDA-NEWS. Abdelkader Lecheheb, Moroccan ambassador to the Russian Federation, said that Morocco is open for cooperation with the concern “Russian Helicopters” (“Vertolety Rossii”). The countries are planning to develop their collaboration in various spheres.

“We are now only at the very beginning of cooperation in aviation, and our country is open for such a dialogue,” the head of the Moroccan diplomatic mission said, answering media’s question about the Moroccan side’s cooperation with “Russian Helicopters” company.

Abdelkader Lecheheb stressed that the aviation industry in Morocco is currently "developing especially actively." According to the ambassador, the assembly enterprises of the world's largest companies - Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier - are located in Morocco. "Around these companies, activity of other enterprises has intensified - these are equipment manufacturers, cooperating with “Sukhoi” company and making componentry for its aircrafts," Lecheheb added.

Ambassador also told Russian media that Morocco is negotiating with Russia on the creation of assembly plants for cars. He recalled an agreement on trucks was signed between a Moroccan enterprise and a Russian company.

“We have established very satisfactory military and technical cooperation with Russia”, Abdelkader Lecheheb told. “There are meetings held on regular basis  by the joint commission on military and technical cooperation, the last meeting was held in November 2018 in Moscow”.

“I must clarify that Morocco adheres to defensive military doctrine, the state just defends its territory. All the financial resources that we have are developed by Moroccans themselves. Therefore, these resources are meant for the socio-economic development of the country, and not for the mass purchase of some kind of weapons,” ambassador stated.

Lecheheb also said that his country is going to buy some light weapons from Russia in order to ensure the protection, but His Majesty the King of Morocco wants only the harmonious development of the state.

“Russian Helicopters” is a helicopter manufacturing concern headquartered in Moscow. The company designs and makes civilian and military helicopters. The principal shareholder of the company is “Rostec”. It is the world's 24th-largest defence contractor (by 2012 defence revenues), and also the 2nd largest based in Russia, after “Almaz-Antey” concern.