OREANDA-NEWS. On July 13, the United States will hold the first execution in federal prison in 17 years after the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District rejected the request to transfer it because of the threat of coronavirus infection.

The criminal is 47-year-old Daniel Lewis Lee, who killed in 1996 a family of three. He is one of four criminals to be executed in the United States at the federal level for the first time since 2003. All of them were found guilty of different crimes, including in murders of children, were sentenced to death penalty and will be executed during July–August of 2020.

Media report that all participants in the execution of Lee will have to wear medical masks, they will also measure the temperature.

Earlier, relatives of the victims asked to postpone the execution of Lee in the federal correctional complex Terre Haute (Indiana State). In their view, the prison administration did not provide a safe environment for being present at execution of a sentence during the coronavirus epidemic. Indiana district court adjourned the execution on July 10, but after that the higher court overturned the decision. According to The New York Times, the family of victims plans to appeal to the US Supreme Court.