OREANDA-NEWS. Russian channel REN TV reported without reference to the source that three USA military attachés were detained in a train traveling from the village of Nenoksa to the city of Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region, Russia). According to journalists, the Americans were suspected of violating the rules of stay in Russia.

Interfax agency citing a source reported that US diplomats were detained in the train at Severodvinsk station in connection with entry into restricted area.

According to REN TV, three attachés did not provide the documents necessary for staying in Severodvinsk, the city included in the list of territories with regulated visits for foreigners.

Interfax agency informs that the incident occurred on October 14 at about 18:00 Moscow time. The actions of foreigners show signs of administrative violation. The Americans were released after inspecting their documents.

In accordance with paragraph 1.1 of Article 18.9 of the Code of the RF on Administrative Offenses, for violating the rules of stay in Russia, a foreigner or a stateless person may pay a fine of 2–5 thousand roubles (31–78 US dollars) and external exile.

Rebecca Ross, the representative of the US Embassy in Moscow said that American diplomats were on an official trip and sent the necessary notification to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

On August 8, the Ministry of Defense reported that an explosion occurred on the territory of a military proving ground in the Arkhangelsk region during tests of a liquid-propellant engine. The representatives of the state corporation Rosatom said that this happened in the course of work “related to the engineering and technical support of isotope power sources.” After the explosion in Severodvinsk, a short-term increase in the radiation background was registered. The state authorities did not say what they tested at the proving ground and what a reason of the explosion was. According to The New York Times, it was Burevestnik missile with a nuclear power plant.