OREANDA-NEWS. Two strategic bombers Boeing B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew in the immediate vicinity of the Republic of Crimea.

This was reported by the monitoring resource PlaneRadar. According to it, strategic bombers belonging to the US Air Force flew from the British base Fairford, moved over the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, after which they entered the airspace of Ukraine, where they took course to the Crimea. Flying over the Kherson Region, military aircrafts approached the peninsula at 53 kilometres.

In parallel, over the Black Sea, not far from the Crimean coast, three reconnaissance airplanes were spotted: the American electronic reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135 RiverJoint, the Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft belonging to the US Navy, and the British reconnaissance aircraft Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1.