OREANDA-NEWS. American right-wing radical groups are planning to take part in a rally at the Capitol. This was reported by the Associated Press. Radicals from organizations such as the «Proud Boys» and the «Oath Keepers» will demand justice for hundreds of people who are charged in connection with the riots in Washington in January, the agency reports.

The riots occurred when congressmen had to approve the results of the presidential elections held on November 3. They were prevented by Trump supporters who broke into the building. After that, members of Congress were immediately evacuated, and a shooting occurred in the congress building.

Earlier it was reported that on January 6, during the riots at the Capitol building in Washington, a Trump supporter, a veteran of the US Air Force, Ashley Babbitt, was killed. A 35-year-old woman received a gunshot wound when she tried to climb through the opening of a barricaded door. She was urgently taken to the hospital, but Babbitt could not be saved. Besides her, three other people were killed in the riots.

Later, Police Lieutenant Michael Beard, who killed Babbitt during the riots in the Capitol, called himself «the savior of countless lives».