OREANDA-NEWS. Apple failed to challenge the right of the Swiss watchmaker Swatch to the phrase “One more thing”, which was previously used by one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs, according to “Bloomberg”.

Swatch registered the phrase “One more thing” with the patent office in 2015. Apple called the actions of the watch manufacturer unfair and challenged them in court, which sided with Apple in this dispute. Now the High Court in London has upheld Swatch's appeal, saying that the Swiss company tried to “anger” Apple, but did not commit unfair actions.

Judge Ian Purvis, who reviewed the Swatch complaint, suggested that the phrase “One more thing” probably did not belong to Steve Jobs, but to Lieutenant Colombo from the detective series “Colombo”. Steve Jobs used the phrase during presentations of new Apple products. He often concluded his presentations with this phrase, after which a new, usually unexpected, product was presented to the public.

Apple and Swatch have been suing for several years over the use of slogans and trademarks. In 2016, the Swiss watchmaker challenged Apple's patent application for the iWatch brand, claiming, that it was similar to the iSwatch brand name, and in the end, the court sided with Swatch, and Apple released it's watch as the Apple Watch.