OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Pavel Filip, at a today’s cabinet meeting, demanded the resignation of the director of the National Statistics Bureau (BNS), Marin Gospodarenco.    

The demand came after the prime minister had asked the BNS director for explanations on the non-fulfillment in term of the processing and analysis of the data from the control inquiries of the National Commission for the Population and Housing Census, accompanied by conclusions on the internal inquiry on the reasons for procrastination of the census’ completion.   

“It is true, I have received a piece of information, yet with no clear explanations on either of the aforementioned subjects. Moreover, I was informed that the process of comparing data from the inquiry with the one from the census will start as late as from 19 May, even if we have absolutely other agreements and discussions at a string of meetings we held. Over 80 million lei has been spent, and we have no results thus, I demand acceptance of the resignation of Mr. Gospodarenco and we are to quite quickly identify a person who will be able to cope with the work at the head of BNS,” Pavel Filip said.         

At the same time, the prime minister said that had demanded that the Financial Inspection checks how the money was managed to hold the census; as a result, damages worth about one million lei, actions of violation of the tender procedures, favouring of economic agents, use of money meant for the census on other purposes, lack of a proper financial management were ascertained.

In this respect, Pavel Filip demanded that the Prosecutor General’s Office, as well as the National Anticorruption Centre investigate, in terms of the criminal law, the outcomes of the verification carried out by the Financial Inspection.