OREANDA-NEWS.  According to Prime Minister Rõivas, the Commission’s country-specific recommendations issued today support the implementation of reforms already initiated by the Government. “Estonia is taking and has always taken the Commission’s recommendations and their implementation very seriously,” stated Rõivas.

“The explicit endorsement of local government reforms by the Commission demonstrates once again that the Government’s decision to implement the administrative reform is right and that changes are urgently needed,” emphasised Prime Minister Rõivas. According to Rõivas, today’s recommendations are also a clear signal to Parliament who are deliberating the administrative reform.

“The recommendation to promote private investment in research, development and innovation coincides with the Government’s target to reach a research funding level of 1% of GDP,” said the Prime Minister, adding that only three member states have reached that target so far.

According to Rõivas, the Government is also planning to develop a series of measures to address the gender pay gap.