OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Pavel Filip today participated in the inauguration of “Moldova in the new regional context” economic forum, organized by Moldova Business People Association (AOAM). Attending the event were a large number of Moldovan business people, guests from abroad, representatives of the diplomatic corps and international financial organizations.

During the inauguration, speeches were given by former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel-Barroso, Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for the introduction of the euro, Igor Barat, Russian economic analyst Vladislav Zhukovskiy, AOAM President Vlad Plahotniuc and AOAM Director General Andrei Crigan.

During his speech, the Moldovan prime minister confirmed the government’s commitment to implement reforms. “The government will succeed to achieve its plans if you, Moldovan business people and entrepreneurs, will help it. I propose we transform the vicious circle of political-business relations into a virtuous one,” Filip said. He noted that measures with three-dimensional benefits were taken in this respect. Therefore, they will benefit the business environment, respect citizens and allow the government to invest in qualitative public services.

“First of all, this government and parliamentary majority is your guarantor of Moldova’s stability in the next years. Regardless of the results of the presidential elections, Moldova will be stable. The government has a country plan and will implement it in collaboration with you in the next years. Because a country’s stability is a primary condition for investments, this is the first step we will take,” Filip said.

The prime minister touched upon the actions the government took to improve the investment climate and Moldova’s economic development, thus emphasizing the seriousness of its intentions. To this effect, Filip spoke about the stabilization of the banking system, legislative and administrative support to boost up fight against corruption and reform justice, as well as ensure a correct and transparent business environment. “This year will be good for the business environment. It will be the year when we restore the economy and administration and advance them. The government will be smaller and more efficient,” Filip noted.

The prime minister also revealed a string of new ideas to this effect, inclusively the reform of state controls, also known as the moratorium and its positive results. He also said amendments to the legislation in the field were carried out, while control bodies were reduced up to ten units and four national regulators. He also added that permissive documents would be optimized and reduced to 200 by late 2016. This process has already started with 114 permissive documents abolished by the government and sent to the parliament for further approval.

Filip also touched upon an innovation related to the Economic Council of Moldovan Prime Minister. “To me, besides being a communication platform, the Economic Council is also a center where problems are analyzed and solutions are generated. Thus, my goal is to let the business community implement reforms in the field of business regulation. You, entrepreneurs, know best what is to be done to improve the situation. Get involved, take part and be proactive in the dialogue. Tell us what you think is best and I assure you, we will hear and listen to you,” Filip said.  

The prime minister also urged business people to invest in Moldova, assuring them of the state’s full support. “The government proposes investors to make a partnership, in order to create new jobs, bring innovation, enhance exports and boost up development,” Filip noted.

“Moldova in the new regional context” economic forum takes place in Chisinau and is organized by Moldova Business People Association (AOAM). It is designed to find the best solutions for Moldova’s economic development. Participants in the forum examine opportunities for Moldovan companies, taking into account the new regional context and measures taken to turn Moldova’s economic potential to good account.