OREANDA-NEWS. In Austria, restrictions have begun to apply for the unvaccinated from coronavirus and those who have not had an infection. These citizens are allowed to leave their homes only for a trip to work, for a walk or a trip to the store and pharmacy, reports OTR.

Visiting public institutions is only available to those who have QR codes. On November 14, Austrians held protests against the introduction of such restrictions. So, in Salzburg, the demonstrations that began in the afternoon dragged on into the night.

The upcoming introduction of lockdown was announced by Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg. According to him, the country was overtaken by the fourth wave of coronavirus infection.

It also became known that for those vaccinated against coronavirus in Austria, they can introduce a night lockdown. The fact that the authorities are considering such an option was announced by the country's Minister of Health Wolfgang Mückstein. A decision on additional measures may be taken on November 17.