OREANDA-NEWS. The founder of Microsoft Corporation, American billionaire Bill Gates, expressed concern that despite vaccination, the coronavirus pandemic will intensify in the coming months. He obtained an unfavourable prognosis based on the analysis of computer models.

“Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods quite yet,” Gates wrote on his blog. According to him, in January, the situation with the spread of the coronavirus around the world will turn for the worse. The businessman reiterated that he believes wearing masks and social distancing are effective ways to combat the spread of this infection. Next year, he said, restrictions on visiting public places will continue to be in force.

In general, 2021 should be a turning point, and morbidity and mortality will begin to decline. Gates connects these expectations with vaccination, which should reach global proportions next spring. At the same time, his fears are caused by the increase in the number of opponents of vaccination. The billionaire noted that he does not understand the reasons for such a disbelief in science.