OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, that a return to normal life after coronavirus restrictions will not be possible until the end of 2022. According to him, this should be preceded by mass vaccination all over the planet.

Gates made his statement in Poland, where his book «How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe» was published. In an interview with «Gazeta Wyborcza» and «TVN24», the billionaire called, what is happening in the world because of the coronavirus «an incredible tragedy».

«We can measure the economic loss, but how can we measure the loss of knowledge, the suffering from the restrictions we had to impose to prevent more deaths?», Gates asked.

In his opinion, the only good news is the appearance of more or less effective vaccines. He himself was vaccinated in early 2021. Although the scale of vaccinations in the United States will not stop the infection until the end of 2021, the incidence will decrease, Gates said.

The billionaire also reproached the international community for the fact, that there was no proper investment in the prevention of pandemics. «People like me warned about the risks, and by investing not so much money in a timely manner, we could have avoided what happened», Gates said.

He added, that he will continue to finance the fight against dangerous diseases.