OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the coronavirus pandemic will end in 2022 at best.

The TV channel Fox posted an interview with him amid an increase in donations from the billionaire’s charity fund to fight COVID-19 to 650 million US dollars. Fox News informed that this amount donated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation became a record for all such organizations.

“The end of the epidemic best case is 2022 but during 2021, the numbers we should drive them down if we take the global approach,” Gates stated. “So, you know, thank goodness vaccine technology was there, that the funding came up, that the companies put their best people on it. That’s why I’m optimistic this won’t last indefinitely,” he added.

The United States, according to Gates, will be able to return to normal life in the summer of 2021 thanks to the progress made in the development of coronavirus vaccines. At the same time, the businessman noted that he is disappointed that the USA is not making efforts to produce and distribute vaccines in poorer countries.