OREANDA-NEWS. Chief of the British Defense Staff, General Nich Carter, said that some authoritarian states are waging a “political war” against the United Kingdom, which London needs to confront.

On September 30, Carter and British Secretary of State for Defense, Ben Wallace, presented a strategy for political war, the Integrated Operating Concept 2025. As noted in the document, the UK needs a new doctrine of the use of military force to oppose countries “unconstrained by any distinction between peace and war.” The concept states that due to the development of technology and artificial intelligence, the usual means and methods of warfare are becoming obsolete. The authors admit the likelihood of the emergence of cyber and electromagnetic weapons of mass destruction.

Among the countries that actively use the methods of information and cyber warfare, Carter named Russia, Iran, China and North Korea. He added that such threats are also posed by extremists.

In the presented strategy, experts proposed to resist opponents by strengthening cooperation with the allies, Britain’s military presence abroad and more active participation in hostilities. Among other things, it is said about the possibility of use of force in support of offensive operations of the allies.