OREANDA-NEWS. The daughter of kung fu master and actor Bruce Lee sued Chinese fast food network Real Kungfu for illegal using her father’s image.

The Chinese edition Jiemian reports that Shannon Lee on behalf of Bruce Lee Enterprises requires Guangzhou Real Kungfu Catering Management Co. to compensate the damage, which she estimates at 210 million yuan (30 million US dollars), as well as legal costs of 88 thousand yuan (12.6 thousand dollars).

According to Xinhua news agency, in early December, a court in Shanghai accepted Shannon Lee’s lawsuit against Guangzhou Real Kungfu Catering and two other companies in connection with the illegal use of Bruce Lee’s image. The daughter of the actor requires the network to stop using the image of her father immediately.

Bloomberg agency writes that this case may to become a sort of test for the Chinese authorities, which promised to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the country.