OREANDA-NEWS. Public figure Chris Elston from Canada addressed Vladimir Putin via Twitter and thanked him for his advocacy of traditional values. He stressed that the Canadian media refuse to cover the topic of gender ideology.

I am grateful to Vladimir Putin, who speaks out loudly about the madness of gender ideology. I have appeared on Russian television several times, and although I am advised not to be Putin's puppet, the truth is truth. Canadian media refuse to talk about this issue, - said the activist.

Earlier at the annual big press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a new ethic, including the concept of gender neutrality, will inevitably come to Russia like the coronavirus pandemic. He noted that it is possible to fight this "obscurantism" by supporting traditional values. The head of state added that he himself adheres to the traditional approach and expects that Russian society has internal protection based on traditional confessions.

Earlier, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova criticized the news that the authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales suggested that children choose gender from the age of three and allow them to define a comfortable pronoun for addressing themselves. According to a Foreign Ministry spokesman, people are forced to make an unnatural choice, the purpose of which is to force a person to change himself, renounce his identity and enslave himself.