OREANDA-NEWS. According to the head of the department of zoonotic infections and influenza of the Federal Budgetary Institution of Science State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology  Vector of Rospotrebnadzor, Alexander Ryzhikov, vaccination with the anti-coronavirus drug "EpiVacKorona" will be seasonal, the frequency of use of the drug will be studied, and the immunity obtained as a result of its use will not be lifelong.

As Ryzhikov clarified, at least after two vaccinations, vaccination is necessary after 6, possibly 10 months.

In the future, according to the scientist, they hope to re-vaccinate every three years.

The specialist and his colleagues hope that there will be more stable immunity, but, naturally, not lifelong. According to him, this is also an advantage of the vaccine in terms of its safety.

Alexander Ryzhikov also spoke about the rules of vaccination with this drug. According to him, the general requirement is this: the vaccine requires attention to itself in order to create a high level of immune response, it is not necessary to strain it with other immunogens. So three weeks after vaccination with "EpiVacCorona" one should not allow hypothermia, overheating and alcohol consumption.