OREANDA-NEWS. The first innovation concerns electronic sick leave. From the beginning of December, Russians who work in several organizations will be able to issue only one electronic sick leave. The order of the Ministry of Health will enter into force on December 14. Also, one sheet will be needed for all children, regardless of their number. In addition, the electronic sick leave can be renewed in a paper version and vice versa. True, one passport will not be enough for registration - you also need SNILS. Those who have been quarantined due to coronavirus will be issued sick leave for the entire period of isolation or suspension from work.

The second change concerns physicians who can complain about the lack of payments for work with COVID-19 patients. We are talking about additional payments, which were appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers from November 1. A complaint can be submitted in a special section of the site "State Services". You just need to indicate a few facts, after which the complaint will be considered, and the authorities will check the medical institution.

The third innovation concerns social benefits. Residents of Russia who are eligible for benefits will receive notifications about the required social services and payments. Until now, citizens had to learn about their right to a particular benefit on their own.

Also, beneficiaries now have the opportunity to buy tickets for trains and electric trains via the Internet. Previously, this could only be done through the cashier by presenting the necessary documents.