OREANDA-NEWS The new Kazan zoo "Zambezi River" will be replenished with cheetahs and flamingos in fall. This was reported to the correspondent of Tatar-inform by the director of the Kazan zoobotsad Fanis Nurmukhametov.

We already have 20 species of animals here, another 10 will arrive during September-November. We are waiting for cheetahs and a large number of birds, including 40 flamingos,” Nurmukhametov shared.

Now the enclosures of the new part of the zoological garden are empty. Animals will move there soon, when the quarantine and the adaptation period pass. The opening is expected this year, he said.

In total this year, 30 species of animals and 220 individuals are planned to be brought to the zoo. Rhinos, elephants, giraffes and gorillas are expected to arrive next year. Mostly animals are bought in Europe and Africa, Nurmukhametov said.