OREANDA-NEWS. The diagnosis of bubonic plague was confirmed with a herder hospitalized in the city of Bayannur (autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, northern China). The man is isolated. According to doctors, his condition is stable.

In connection with the identification of a dangerous disease, the authorities declared a third level of epidemiological hazard. As part of the campaign to combat the spread of the disease, local residents were reminded that mammals are the source of the disease, and unauthorized hunting is prohibited.

Earlier it became known about the diagnosis of bubonic plague in Mongolia. Cases of infection were detected in regions bordering the Russian Federation.

Cases of plague are periodically registered worldwide. Every year, about 2–3 thousand people get sick, they are usually treated with common antibiotics. Experts note that in Asia, outbreaks of plague occur annually, therefore in the countries of the region there are special services that specialize in combating this disease.