OREANDA-NEWS. The naval forces of Ukraine are preparing for a full-scale armed confrontation with Russia. This was stated by Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, in an interview with the newspaper Dumskaya.

According to the officer, Ukraine expects from Russia an attempt to invade the Kherson Region in order to discharge water from the river Dnieper along the North Crimean Canal. “Our units are preparing for such actions. I cannot disclose all the plans, but here is a small fact: the range of the missile system Neptune allows to use it from mainland Ukraine against the approaches to Sevastopol,” Neizhpapa said.

At the same time, the fleet command realizes that a full-scale military confrontation between the two countries will lead to large losses. “Perhaps there will be many losses – both of our fighters, and even of the civilian population,” the Rear Admiral explained.