OREANDA-NEWS. The likelihood of stealing money from a contactless card exists but small, said Anna Mikhailova, business development manager of the «Angara» group of companies. In order to avoid theft of funds, the expert advises to set withdrawal limits, as well as not to use major debit cards with a large amount of funds for prompt payments.

According to Mikhailova, there are working prototypes of trojans that can relay card data and the payment process to a fraudster through an infected mobile device.

For contactless cards, the recommendations are similar to those given to holders of other cards. In particular, in addition to setting limits and not using major debit cards with a large amount of funds for prompt payments, awareness of where the NFC device is at the moment is also necessary, and the use of a pin code or biometrics to access a mobile device.

Earlier, a representative of «Tinkoff» said that scammers began to use Apple Pay and Google Pay services in their schemes. The cybercriminals inform the bank's clients that they are allegedly trying to steal their money, so they need to be credited to a “safe” card, but the funds are credited to the fraudster because he has a physical card.