OREANDA-NEWS. The prevalence rate of COVID-19 in Russia over the past day has increased to 0.97 compared to the previous day, when it dropped to 0.95, the lowest since the end of July. In Moscow, it was 0.92, TASS reports.

As on Thursday, in none of the 10 regions with the highest number of infected people does the indicator exceed one. In the Irkutsk, Rostov and Samara regions, it was exactly 1, in the Voronezh region and Krasnoyarsk region - 0.99, in the Sverdlovsk region - 0.98.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region the coefficient remained at the level of 0.95, in St. Petersburg it increased to 0.9, and in the Moscow region the indicator, on the contrary, decreased to 0.87.

The spread of coronavirus shows how many people, on average, have time to infect one infected person before they are isolated. Along with other criteria, it was used to determine the readiness of regions to phase out the restrictive measures introduced last spring to combat the epidemic. Now the coefficient is used, in particular, when assessing the readiness of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation for holding mass events.

During the day, the infection was detected in 20,992 people. 7.6 percent of Russians carried the virus without symptoms.

Most cases in Moscow - 1,925 new cases of COVID-19. 1691 new cases were recorded in St. Petersburg, 1029 in the Moscow region.

During the day, 785 patients died - this is less than the day before, when 791 people died. The largest number of deaths in Moscow - 52, in St. Petersburg - 39, in the Krasnodar Territory - 32.

The increase in the incidence in Russia was provoked by the delta strain. It is now causing a surge in hospital admissions around the world.