OREANDA-NEWSThe sailors of the Black Sea Fleet tried to secure the payment of daily subsistence allowance for a business trip to Syria, where they performed special tasks in 2016-2018. Sevastopol Garrison Military Court dismissed the claim, the Russian media wrote. He referred to the order of the Ministry of Defense of 2011, according to which cruises on ships are not considered trips.

A class action lawsuit was filed by members of the crew of three ships, including the Kovrovets minesweeper. As lawyer Alexander Fedorchenko said, the full daily allowance for officers is $ 62, for privates and sergeants - $ 43. Taking into account the deductions for meals, the sailors wanted to get $ 18.6 and $ 12.9 per day. Total officers could receive an average of 300 thousand rubles, privates - 200 thousand. In court, representatives of the command of the unit and the financial service of the Black Sea Fleet stated that "the execution of tasks in the crews of the ships is not a business trip." For this, seafarers are entitled to a monthly premium for increased risks in peacetime; they have already received these payments.

Protection of seafarers will challenge the decision in the North Caucasus District Military Court. According to the lawyer, the courts have repeatedly rejected similar claims. He believes that the position of the order of the Ministry of Defense, in which trips on ships are not considered business trips, puts the military in unequal conditions, and the pilots and those who serve on land receive a daily allowance.

Minesweeper "Kovrovets" carried out mine patrols, and also was part of the operational compound of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. Russian servicemen have participated in the war in Syria since September 30, 2015.