OREANDA-NEWS. The world is still threatened by the threat of a global military conflict. This follows from the report for 2019 published by the Czech military intelligence.

“The possible conflict of a global nature, towards which the modern world is heading, is still at the first stage of preparation. The worldview of those who has ability and wish to actively participate in it is being formed, and technological tools are gradually being determined with which it could be controlled,” the document reads.

The report notes that the polarization of interests, opinions and different attitudes in the world has grown, and the role of international law has significantly decreased. “Manipulative thinking, erroneous assumptions, biased conclusions and the resulting actions, combined with a lack of responsibility, have led to increased tensions between global rivals: the United States, China and Russia. These phenomena led to contradictions even between countries that were previously considered to be close allies,” the authors of the report explained.