OREANDA-NEWS. On December 23, the Czech government decided to announce in the country from December 27 the maximum, fifth, level of epidemiological threat due to the coronavirus pandemic, which involves a ban on leaving residential premises without urgent need, the closure of enterprises that provide consumer services to the population and most stores. As the Minister of Health Jan Blatny told reporters, from this day in the republic a ban on free movement of citizens from 21:00 to 05:00 is also introduced. The epidemiological situation in the republic is deteriorating, the politician explained.

The transition of the Czech Republic to the fifth level of the epidemiological threat provides that only stores selling essential goods will remain open in the country. This category includes grocery stores, pharmacies, and household goods stores. A maximum of two people can participate in open-air or public meetings. The number of participants in weddings, funerals and church services is limited to 15.

These restrictive measures will be in effect until at least January 10, the head of the Ministry of Health informed.