OREANDA-NEWS. In the UK, since the first lockdown due to COVID-19, the death rate from alcoholism has reached the highest rates in the past 20 years.

According to the UK National Statistical Office, there were 7,423 alcohol-related deaths in 2020. This is 20 percent higher than this figure in 2019.

The biggest increase in alcohol deaths occurred in the most disadvantaged areas of England and Wales. For example, men living in poor areas died four times more often than men living in the richest areas.

The statistical office stressed that most of the deaths were caused by prolonged alcohol use, poisoning and psychological deviations.

The head of the study, Sadi Boniface, called such data very alarming, Interfax reports. She stressed that the rise in mortality coincides with the onset of the covid pandemic and the imposition of restrictions. According to her, these deaths were not inevitable, but became one of the indirect consequences of the pandemic. Boniface said this data should be carefully considered when planning a recovery from a pandemic.

Meanwhile, in Finland, another danger looms over the citizens. An unknown drug killed ten people in the Finnish cities of Helsinki and Turku. In the last month alone, 5 people died in Helsinki, sedatives were found in their blood, writes Turun Sanomat. Yle has published the news about the death of five drug addicts in Turku, an unknown drug was found in their blood.