OREANDA-NEWS Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel about the “hatred” of the West for Russia and everything connected with it. Thus, he commented on the new anti-Russian sanctions.

The politician wondered who the economic sanctions were aimed at - against Russian President Vladimir Putin or the country's military leadership - whom the authors of these restrictions wanted to "punish".

"No, it is obvious. And this is recognized by their creators. None of us have foreign property, accounts or significant interests abroad. We do not go there to rest and work,” Medvedev wrote.

He emphasized that representatives of large Russian business would not suffer serious losses, since for them the confiscation of foreign property "is not at all fatal", "they will live anyway."

“Then – against whom is it all? The conclusion suggests itself disgusting - these sanctions are directed precisely against the people of Russia. And no matter what American and European grandparents mutter that we are punishing your bosses, but we love you, ordinary citizens, this is pure nonsense, ”the deputy head of the Security Council emphasized.

In his opinion, the seizure of assets of the Central Bank of Russia abroad and other state assets indicate that the West is trying to destroy the Russian economy, "hit" the ruble, increase inflation and "unwind" prices in stores - and all this should lead to a decrease the standard of living of ordinary Russians.

“An embargo on the purchase of oil and gas from Russia? The same thing: to reduce budget revenues and force the state to abandon social obligations, including indexation of incomes. Hit the taxpayer in the city and the countryside, ”said the former Russian president.

He added that the bans on the flights of Russian aircraft are again directed against the people of Russia.

“This hatred is disgusting and irrational. But that doesn't mean we have to put up with it. You just need to draw all the necessary conclusions for the future. Remember this attitude towards us. And do not forgive those who hate us. Never,” Medvedev summed up.