OREANDA-NEWS. Mikhail Zagortsev, the deputy head of the Yalta city administration, has been fired for supporting the protests in Belarus, as the state television and radio company “Sevastopol” reports.

The vice-mayor posted his statements on the Internet in August 2020. Mikhail Zagortsev recorded a video which was addressed to all the users, where he was expressing his support for the protesters in Belarus. In this open video message he urged Russians not to interfere in the affairs of the neighboring country and supported the protesters. He also called on Belarusian officials, police and security officials to go over to the side of the country's people. He also reported on Russian interference and expressed pride in his children who took part in the riots. It is clarified that the official wrote down and published his video-appeallation before he was appointed as a deputy mayor.

The mayor of Yalta Ivan Imgrunt highlights that Mikhail Zagortsev’s interview was discovered after his appointment to the post in the city’s administration. The mayer was forced to make this decision, according to his own words, since such statements are not compatible with the position held by Mikhail Zagortsev, as he sid in the interview to the channel to the state television and radio company “Sevastopol”.