OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian authorities have failed to vaccinate the country's population. This was stated by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykola Skorik.

As the deputy said on the air of the program "60 minutes" on the TV channel "Russia 1": "To be frank, Ukraine has failed the issue of vaccination, because the vaccine that we purchased, it really raises questions about both the quality and the schemes, for which it was purchased. "

According to the Ukrainian deputy, even Ukrainian doctors, not to mention the citizens themselves, refuse to be vaccinated with the vaccine purchased in India.

According to Skoryk, the Ukrainian authorities are trying to put pressure on people to get vaccinated, and even blackmail citizens, threaten to deprive them of covid co-payments.

At the same time, he noted, many doctors who had been ill with COVID-19 refused to diagnose coronavirus infection so that their families could not qualify for insurance benefits in case of death.

The parliamentarian called the show with vaccination against coronavirus shown live on Ukrainian television as contrary to the current legislation, which sets out the requirements for sanitary and epidemiological safety of such a procedure.