OREANDA-NEWS. The volume of production of vaccines against coronavirus in Russia to date has amounted to 13.9 million dose kits, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

She noted that the largest amount of this amount is made up of the Sputnik V vaccine and a small amount of the EpiVacCorona vaccine. Golikova clarified that the scaling up of production began in February 2021, and in March volumes will be increased.

Golikova added that the difference between the volume of production and the volume of production for use by the population is due to quality control over the vaccine produced and the need to comply with the regulatory timeframes for control.

“As for vaccination itself, to date, 5 million Russian citizens have been vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine, 2.5 million Russian citizens have been vaccinated with two components of the vaccine. Regions of the country, taking into account the volume of production, the volume of vaccine released into civilian circulation, continue to increase the possibilities of vaccination of the population ", - said Golikova at a briefing about the situation with the coronavirus.

As for the incidence of coronavirus in the country, Golikova said that if we compare the indicators with December 2020, when the mortality rate from a new coronavirus infection began to be officially recorded, then in January, based on official data from Rosstat, compared to December 2020, the mortality rate decreased by 9. five%.