OREANDA-NEWS A four-day workweek threatens an increase in the number of Russians with obesity and neurotic disorders. Interviewed experts told about this.

Psychiatrist Lev Perezhogin said that shortening the work week can affect people differently - depending on the level of job satisfaction and the quality of family relationships. So, the Russians who are engaged in productive intellectual, highly skilled work will positively perceive the changes.

At the same time, those who work in low-paid posts will remain dissatisfied, since their salary depends not on the quality of the work performed, but on the quantity. However, citizens who are satisfied with their work run the risk of earning more phobias and neurosis because of fears that “something is wrong.”

Peregozhin added that for Russians who have good family relations, an extra day off will prove to be useful. But for those who are unhappy in the family, another day off will lead to annoyance.