OREANDA-NEWS  Russia plans to develop a mobile application that will speed up the registration of the European Protocol by scanning the damage to the car. The program will be created on the basis of the system for registration of electronic title.

While inspection operators are just beginning to connect to the issuance of electronic passports. For new cars at will now it can be done by manufacturers, and mandatory registration of EPTS will be from November 2019.

The next step is to create a system for registration of the European Protocol on the basis of a mobile application for electronic passports, Boris Ionov explained. The program will be able to install on your smartphone every driver. If the system records data on how the car looked before the damage, it will be possible to take a picture of its details after the accident through the application — for example, a wing, a headlight, a hood, a windshield. The application will compare the pictures automatically and fix the damage.

Development of the application, will be engaged in the structure of "Rostec" - "Electronic passport" company. Automatic mapping of photos of the car when receiving a title and after the accident will provide the opportunity to abandon the need to describe the damage in the accident on paper.

In addition, the data loaded into the program on the mobile device will be tied to the place of the accident, and in the future, as experts assure, the application can be taught to fix the distance between the machines and the position relative to the surrounding objects. However, while experts are skeptical about the initiative, as the technology will be useful only if it can detect damage to the machine from photos taken at night or in bad weather.

Fixing the circumstances of the accident with the help of technical means (photo and video) will be mandatory from October 1, 2019, when an unlimited europrotocol will be introduced throughout the country. Then car owners will be able to claim up to 400 thousand rubles (now — 100 thousand). So far, the system operates only in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Europrotocol (i.e. registration of the accident without traffic police officers) is possible if the participants of the accident were only two insured for CTP car, no injuries and damage to property of third parties.