OREANDA-NEWS"More than 7 thousand residents of St. Petersburg were fined during the pandemic for violating the law regulating the observance of coronavirus restrictions," said the press service of the city committee on legality.

In total, the committee considered 7,709 administrative cases against individuals under article 8-6-1 of the city law "On Administrative Offenses in St. Petersburg" (provides for punishment for violation of the high alert regime in the northern capital). “In 7 148 cases, fines were imposed in the amount of 28 million 598 thousand rubles. In 557 cases, decisions were made to exempt from administrative responsibility,” the committee said.

In August, the committee received 55 cases of administrative violations for consideration, most of them for violations during public events, the source added.

The department clarified that the committee considers only protocols in relation to individuals. The district administrations consider protocols concerning officials and legal entities. Nine executive authorities of St. Petersburg and the police are vested with the right to draw up protocols under Article 8-6-1.

As reported, the fine for violations of Article 8-6-1 of the St. Petersburg Law "On Administrative Offenses in St. Petersburg" for citizens is from 4 to 5 thousand rubles, for officials - 30-50 thousand rubles, for legal entities - from 200 to 500 thousand rubles.