OREANDA-NEWS The key task of the West is to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin from his post, it is for this purpose that foreign curators provoked the start of a special operation, economist Mikhail Khazin said in an interview with Tsargrad. He believes that initially the conflict in Ukraine was supposed to unfold on the territory of Russia.

In his opinion, in order to prevent the deployment of a military clash on the territory of the Russian Federation, the country's authorities decided to launch a preemptive strike and launch a special operation. The economist did not rule out the possibility that, as part of the conspiracy, the West might decide to use nuclear weapons.

Arguing his point of view, Khazin recalled the active propaganda of the United States and its satellites directed against Russia and Putin personally. He believes that if the special operation in Ukraine had not started, the West would have blamed the Russian leader for the defeat and called for his resignation.

“That is, the PR campaign was prepared taking into account both possible scenarios. It was precisely a PR campaign, because as soon as the budgets ran out, the volume of news about Ukraine fell sharply,” the economist concluded.

Earlier, reserve lieutenant general Andrei Gurulev said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky could be killed as a result of a conspiracy by the ruling Kyiv elites. The general said that such things are “done elementarily” and cited as an example the Stinger helicopter, which was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and attributed to the RF Armed Forces.