OREANDA-NEWS. American buisnessmen Elon Musk wants to rename the locality of Boca Chica in Texas, where the test site of his company «Space Exploration Technologies Corp». is located. «Creating the city of Starbase in Texas», Musk tweeted.

A «SpaceX» representative is learning about what is need to incorporate the locality into the new city and rename it Starbase, Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino said, as cited by «Bloomberg». According to Trevino, the county authorities were notified of the discussions regarding plans to rename the locality. «Posting a message on Twitter is not enough for this», Trevino said, noting that Musk and his company will have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to implement this plan.

Musk is expanding his influence in Texas. Another of his companies, electric car maker «Tesla Inc», is building a large facility in east Austin, where electric pickups will be assembled. Meanwhile, the Musk Foundation moved it's headquarters to Austin from California, while the entrepreneur himself said, he had moved to Texas.