OREANDA-NEWS The administration of the city of Chelyabinsk has introduced an emergency mode (ES), due to the fact that household garbage has accumulated in the yards. This made it possible to send money to the district administrations to solve the problem. Such information was reported on Tuesday to journalists in a press - service of city administration.

The Prosecutor's office of Chelyabinsk asks to open a case against the heads of the garbage removal company. Reserve garbage trucks were sent to the scavenge in Chelyabinsk from five cities. More than 14 million rubles were allocated from the reserve Fund for taking out the trash

Earlier it was reported that residents of Chelyabinsk appealed to the Ministry of ecology of the region with complaints about the container sites overflowing with garbage.

"In connection with the current situation in the city, the emergency regime was introduced, within the framework of which funds were urgently sent to the district administrations to eliminate unauthorized dumps and garbage collection from container sites. This work will be strengthened from Wednesday, September 26," the report said.

It is noted that works on garbage removal go round the clock. By order of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, reserve garbage trucks from other settlements of the region arrived in the city. Garbage is taken out more than 90 special machines, ten more are expected to arrive. It is expected that this problem will be solved before the end of September.

According to the regional Ministry of ecology, the reason for the overcrowded garbage cans were carriers of household waste, who refused to fulfill their obligations after the closure of the landfill and the withdrawal of the license for waste disposal from the MUP "Gorekotsentr".

Earlier, the court on the claim of Rosprirodnadzor revoked the license of MUP "Gorekotsentr" "for violations in the work of the city dump", the document expired on September 16. According to the government of the region, the Chelyabinsk city dump stopped working on September 11. Since then, the debris should take out the new polygons in Poletayevo and Orafti.