OREANDA-NEWS. The Turkish Armed Forces destroyed eight Russian anti-aircraft missile systems Pantsir in the territory of Syria. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters about this after returning from Brussels.

According to the politician, these systems were deployed in the governorate of Idlib, where numerous clashes between the Syrian and Turkish troops have been going on since February. “In Idlib, we destroyed eight Pantsirs with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles,” Erdogan said. The President noted the importance of these air defense systems for the Syrian government army. He also added that similar complexes are deployed in Libya.

Earlier, Bloomberg agency reported with reference to Charles Lister, director of the Extremism and Counterterrorism Program at the Middle East Institute, that Turkey conducts air operations in Syria using only drones. Lister published on Twitter a video demonstrating the destruction of the Pansir complex by an unmanned aerial vehicle.