OREANDA-NEWSThe ruling coalition in Estonia has agreed that it won't ratify the border treaty with Russia. This was announced on Tuesday by Speaker of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) Henn Põlluaas. "The position of the coalition is that we won't move forward with the ratification of the border treaty", the ERR portal quoted him as saying.

The parliamentary speaker stressed that even if the border agreement is ratified by the State Duma, Estonia should not ratify this document for its part. “Undoubtedly, we should not ratify it. If we conclude a new border treaty and abandon those territories [part of the Russian territories that, according to the Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920, belonged to Estonia], this will have enormous legal consequences. "First, we will cancel the Tartu Peace Treaty. In connection with this, our succession is also canceled, which means an automatic change in the composition of our citizens, etc. This is an extremely dangerous path".

The Estonian-Russian state border line was agreed in 2005 after almost 11 years of negotiations. At the same time, a border treaty was signed, but after it was submitted to the Estonian parliament for ratification, the deputies included the reference to the Tartu Treaty of 1920 in the preamble. In these conditions, Moscow withdrew its signature, and the process remained legally incomplete.

Negotiations resumed at the end of 2012. The corresponding agreement, signed in February 2014 by the Estonian and Russian Foreign Ministers, must be ratified by the parliaments of both countries for entry into force.