OREANDA-NEWS. The increase in the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in Chinese city of Wuhan can stop by the end of March if the authorities continue to take serious measures to combat the disease. This was stated by a member of the special expert unit of the National Health Commission of China, infectiologist Li Lanjuan.

“If we talk about when it will be possible to reduce it to zero, it depends on the intensity of our work. If it remains intense and no other circumstances arise, probably by the end of March Wuhan will be cleaned,” she said in an interview with the newspaper People’s Daily. According to the expert, “at present, in many regions across the country, new cases of infection have been brought to naught, but we must not forget about caution and lose vigilance, strict measures should be taken to prevent imported cases of infection.”

Li Lanjuan also added that if other countries do not pay due attention to prevention and control measures for the spread of the disease, the epidemic situation around the world can reach even greater proportions than in China.