OREANDA-NEWSRelations between Moscow and Washington, in the opinion of former Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Senator, threaten the world with a nuclear conflict. To avoid it, they advised the US authorities to use methods from the 1980s.

The USA must resume engagement with Russia to ensure that nuclear weapons will no longer spread and will never be used. Such an opinion in an article for The Wall Street Journal was expressed by former US Secretary of State George Schulz (he held this post in 1982–1989), former Defense Secretary William Perry (he worked in this post in 1994–1997) and Sam Nunn, who from 1972 to 1997 was a member of the Senate of Georgia.

Their article was published in the section “Opinions” on the website of the publication on April 10 under the heading “The threat of nuclear war is still with us”. The material illustrates the image of the Russian Topol-M missile system with an intercontinental ballistic missile at the Victory Parade in Moscow in 2017.“The United States, its allies and Russia were exposed to dangerous political paralysis, which could most likely lead to military confrontation and, possibly, the use of nuclear weapons for the first time in almost 74 years, by mistake or miscalculation,” the authors are sure.

“Otherwise, our countries may soon find themselves in a nuclear confrontation, more dangerous, disorienting, and more costly than the cold war,” Schultz, Perry and Nunn warned.

The policy of deterrence, in their opinion, cannot protect the world from nuclear error or “nuclear terrorism”. “Both become more likely when there is no sustainable substantive dialogue between Washington and Moscow,” the authors emphasized, noting also that “risks are increasing due to the increased likelihood that nuclear warning and command and control systems can directed cyber attacks.