OREANDA-NEWS Between 2011 and 2015, Russia lost $ 8.1 billion due to premature cancer deaths. This was reported by the newspaper Kommersant with reference to a study conducted by the Petrov Oncology Research Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health, the University of Tampere and the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization.

The largest impact on the economy was lung cancer among men ($ 1.2 billion), among women - breast cancer ($ 0.64 billion).

Also, stomach cancer in men ($ 0.52 billion) and cervical cancer in women ($ 0.34 billion) turned out to be expensive.

Experts estimate that by 2030 the economic losses due to cancer will amount to $ 7.5 billion, which is equivalent to 0.14 percent of GDP. Nevertheless, the researchers expect that by this time the economic losses from lung cancer and breast cancer will be reduced, but from cancer of the cervix uteri, head and neck tumors, as well as blood cancer, on the contrary, will increase.

Experts found that in Russia, due to cancer, women live on average 18 years less, men - 15 years.