OREANDA-NEWSRussian air-to-air missiles are not inferior to Western European samples and even surpass them in a number of parameters. This conclusion is reached by experts of the European defense magazine European Defense Review (EDR) in the journal dedicated to the 53rd Paris Air Show (Paris Air Show 2019).

"In the development of Russian and Eastern European air-to-air missiles, one can trace a number of general trends, in particular, the division into air combat near, medium and long range. European manufacturers emphasize modularity of the design, while Russian missiles have a greater range and increased resistance to external influences. Thus, the tactical and technical characteristics of Russian ammunition aren't inferior to those of Western missiles", the EDR experts said.

As the authors of the magazine note, the Russian missile RVV-BD, developed by the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV), is capable of hitting an air target at a very large distance. “It can be argued that RVV-BD is an air-to-air missile with the world's highest target destruction range,” experts say.

According to the data of KTRV, the long-range missile RVV-BD is intended for hitting air targets of all types at any time of day at all angles, including with multichannel shelling according to the “let-forget” principle. The maximum range of RVV-BD launch into the forward hemisphere for some types of targets reaches 200 km. Paris Aviation and Space Salon is held in Le Bourget for the 53rd time. The exhibition opened on June 17 and will run until June 23. Earlier, the Russian expert spoke about the fighters: "you need to understand that the Su-57 still has a face, but this version is not final. The tests continue. In the final version, it will far surpass the F-22 and F-35".