OREANDA-NEWSThe ban on the use of these Russians by foreign companies that do not have legal entities in Russia is contained among the proposals to the state program "Digital Economy". One of the goals is to deprive Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of the privileges.

The idea of banning foreign companies that do not have a Russian legal entity from using data from Russian citizens was made by the Digital Economy Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (it implements the national program of the same name, among the founders are the Russian government, Russia's largest telecom operators, Internet companies, Sberbank, Rostec and etc.). It is set forth in proposals for a concept on the regulation of data sent to the head of the Skolkovo Foundation Igor Drozdov and published on the website of the fund.

The published document notes that “it is necessary to avoid a situation where foreign companies that do not comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation establishing restrictions on access to data will have a more privileged position in relation to Russian companies that comply with these requirements.

Russian and foreign companies must compete, equally following the rules of doing business in Russia. It is impossible under equal conditions to impose more stringent requirements on Russian companies. In addition, some foreign companies, such as Facebook, promised to open a Russian representative office or a separate legal entity, but did not open.

For example, companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not registered in the register of information dissemination organizers. The listed companies also do not fulfill the requirements of the Russian legislation on the storage of personal data of Russian citizens in Russia. In January 2019, Roskomnadzor started administrative cases on Twitter and Facebook because of this.