OREANDA-NEWS Most Russian citizens polled by sociologists prefer to watch comedies and films about the war. This follows from the results of a study by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM).

At different intervals, the films of these genres are watched by the vast majority of respondents - 80% and 77%, respectively. 63% of Russians watch fairy tales and cartoons, 74% of citizens prefer historical films, and 64% of Russians love detective stories.

Adventure films (66%) and dramas (60%) are popular among Russians too. There are fewer melodrama lovers, 48% of those polled watch these films, and 38% watch action films. "Thrillers (28%) and erotic films (13%) are practically not popular with the Russian viewer," the VTsIOM website said on Tuesday, August 27.

At the same time, despite the spread of the Internet, 70% of citizens continue to watch films on television. Compared to a year earlier, Russians were less likely to watch movies of all genres, except for detectives, action films and thrillers, sociologists noted.