OREANDA-NEWS  Terrorist Abu Osama Noraki carried out two major terrorist attacks in Sweden, and Tajikistan, and two major acts of sabotage intended to carry out in Moscow, This man is associated with the "Islamic state" (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

According to the investigation, Noraki was behind the accident truck at civilians in Stockholm. This man, through his representative in Moscow, Naim Makhmadaliev, who called himself a builder from Tajikistan, managed to contact an extremist cell in Moscow. Their plan was, to undermine the military trucks moving on Khoroshevskiy highway in the direction of the headquarters of the GRU. Noraki ordered his henchmen to blow up the soldiers at the headquarters of the GRU on Khoroshevsky highway, then-the passengers of the railway, but in both cases preparing the attacks managed to calculate and detain the FSB.

The choice of the goal was explained by the fact that it was near this road that there was a construction site where Mahmadaliyev worked.

As a result, the attack was not carried out, as the alleged participants were identified in the acquisition of a dangerous fuse in circulation based on acetone triperoxide.

Indicates that Noraki was preparing for the other group, which planned to arrange explosions in one of the tunnels of the Moscow Central Ring, between the station "Shelepikha" and "Gagarin Square", and in Balashikha, shopping center "Edelweiss". In respect of two citizens of Tajikistan, who pleaded guilty in the Moscow district military court, the sentence was announced: 15 years with serving a sentence in a penal colony.

Noraki still not caught. According to intelligence, he is in the Iraqi city of Mosul.