OREANDA-NEWS Federal Security Service (FSB) has developed a draft government resolution that establishes requirements for the protection of religious sites from the terrorist threat. The document was published on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

The authors propose to assign one of the three categories of protection to religious objects. These duties will fall on the regional commissions, which will include employees of the interior Ministry, MOE, FSB, Regardie, representatives of local authorities and heads of religious organizations.

The first category will include buildings where more than a thousand people may suffer in a potential terrorist attack, and the damage will be more than 50 million rubles. To the second category — up to one thousand people and less than 50 million rubles, and to the third — no more than 200 wounded and losses of one million rubles.

The duties of the Commission will include the study of information about the area, the maximum number of parishioners, design features and technical characteristics of buildings. Members of the Commission will be obliged to determine the areas potentially dangerous for terrorist attacks and the degree of threat, as well as the possible consequences of attacks.

Institutions of the first and second categories will be equipped with a video surveillance system and alarm system, near them will be on duty employees of private security companies. In institutions of the third category will conduct inspections at least three times a day.

Religious objects of the first category will also be protected by anti-RAM devices. The project provides for annual exercises and planned anti-terrorist inspections. Now the document is undergoing an independent anti-corruption expertise.