OREANDA-NEWS The explosion of domestic gas occurred in a residential building in the city of Shakhty, Rostov region.

As a result, four apartments on the eighth and ninth floors were destroyed. There were 13 people, including three children. One was killed, two were hospitalized, their condition is estimated as moderate severity. Seven more were saved.

The MOE said that in the apartment number 71 were three people: one woman was killed, saved a child and a man. In apartment #72 was one woman, its fate is unknown. "In the 68th apartment lived three people, their fate is established. In the 67th apartment on the eighth floor there were five people, they are saved", - noted in Department.

The Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev and Prosecutor Yuri Baranov arrived at the scene of emergency. The Head of the region said that the family of the deceased will pay 1 million rubles from the regional and local budget.

A criminal case has been opened, the investigation will be carried out by the Main investigation Department of the North Caucasus Federal district.

Search and rescue operations are carried out on the site of emergency. They involve almost 120 people, at the disposal of which 35 pieces of equipment. Experts examine the bearing walls of the house. To assess the stability of the structures involved mobile diagnostic complex "Strela-P".

Ministry of Emergency Situationsin the region has opened a telephone hotline: 8-863-239-99-99. Eight psychologists of the Department also work at the place of emergency.

Vasily Golubev said that the decision to settle the house will be made only after his examination.

The explosion occurred at the address Khabarovsk street, 16. This is a nine-storey house built in 1993. Its area is 5043 sq m. the House is under management of "Zhilremservis" (November 2016).

On each floor of the house there are four apartments in the entrance. In administration of area reported that in an entrance there are side walls of the eighth floor, "the rest failed inside", "the ninth floor in General isn't present".

There is no threat of further collapse of the house except for the passage between the eighth and ninth floors.