OREANDA-NEWS. The German newspaper Die Welt says that Russia continues to arm with “forbidden” missiles, Moscow is preparing to regional wars in Europe, and these facts make NATO to react.

The article refers to the report of Heinrich Brauss, the retired Lieutenant-General of the Bundeswehr, the former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, and Joachim Krause, the chief of the Security Policy Institute at the Kiel University.

Krause believes that while Europe is busy with climate change and the migration crisis, Russia is preparing for regional wars in Europe without any important reason. He notes that the Kremlin intends to wage these wars, threatening to use nuclear weapons.

According to Brauss, Russia deliberately seeks confrontation with Western countries, and also seeks to destroy the world order and undermine the cohesion of NATO. However, according to him, Moscow understands that it will not be able to gain a victory in a conflict with NATO, therefore it may make an “unexpected blow”, reinforce by the threat of a nuclear attack. Brauss notes that European countries would be forced to choose between a full-scale war and a radical change in the status quo to please Moscow. He also names the possible places of the attacks from Russia, they are the Black Sea region, the Baltic republics, Poland and Ukraine.

Besides, both Brauss and Krause declare that Germany will play a key role in this conflict because of its geographical position, so they call to the German government to put German army on alert as quickly as possible to be ready to fulfill NATO’s complex military tasks.